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Leprosy Patients

Snake Charmers

People With Physical Disabilities

People With Learning Difficulties

Tsunami Affected Areas

Saltpan Workers

Quarry Workers

Dry Land Farmers


Who We Work With

Making a real and lasting difference, by protecting child rights and liberating them from child labourSCAD works with people from all sections of society.

We work with poor rural villages when facilitating social change and development, encouraging them to come together, to realise their strengths and better their situation.

However, we recognise that some communities are particularly more disadvantaged than others and so we work especially hard with them to make sure that they have access to a brighter, more promising future too.

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Soft is strong, women empowerment is fundamental for development


Making real and lasting change for future generations


Helping to reduce vulnerability in people’s second childhood


Providing stability to the nomadic community

Leprosy PatientsLeprosy Patients

Eradicating disease and creating flourishing futures

Snake CharmersSnake Charmers

Providing charming communities with safety and rehabilitating them with alternative employment

People With DisabilitiesPeople with Physical Disabilities

Equally bright futures for those that can be upwardly mobile

People with Learning DifficultiesPeople with Learning Difficulties

We believe they do make a positive contribution

Tsunami Affected AreasTsunami Affected Areas

Helping to rebuild livelihoods for development

Salt Pan WorkersSaltpan Workers

Helping those slaving in the saltpans

Quarry Workers

Fighting against exploitation

Dry Land FarmersDry Land Farmers

Providing hope to farmers through development

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