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The Caste System

The Domination Of Women

Income & Debt




Sanitation & Health

Rural Villages


Why We Do It

Because all people are equal

Why We Do ItThe people SCAD works with are rural, poor and low caste.  The majority of the people SCAD work with are Dalits (referring to themselves locally by the official title - the Scheduled Castes) and other low caste groups (known as the Backward Castes) - agricultural workers, saltpan workers, palm tree climbers, gypsies, snake charmers, leprosy sufferers and others with disabilities (a disability automatically lowers one’s caste status).

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The Caste SystemThe Caste System

More about Caste...


Domination of WomenThe Domination of Women

Women deserve to have a voice



Income & DebtIncome & Debt

People should have access to a predictable income




Water and sanitation should not be compromised




Housing conditions need to be improved




Education needs to be a priority



Sanitation & HealthSanitation & Health

Health and Sanitation should not be compromised


Rural VillagesRural Villages

The Rural villages do not have access to the facilities they should


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