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United Strength

Improving Health

Inclusive Education


Tree Planting

Animal Husbandry

Skills Training

Alternative Employment


What We Do

What We Do When SCAD starts to work with a village, intervention methods are introduced to enable the villagers to reach a point where they can help themselves. However, we believe that the people should not become dependent on these supplies and facilities.

We organise the community into groups and provide education and training so that they are capable of analysing their situation, assessing their resources and implementing solutions that work for them. With the added focus SCAD puts on the initiation of economic rehabilitation, the development work we facilitate is highly effective and sustainable. more>>

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United StrengthUnited Strength

We’ve found there is definitely strength in numbers

Improving HealthImproving Health

Healthy people are happy people who are motivated to develop

Inclusive EducationInclusive Education

Shaping people’s lives, transmitting values, and building the next generation



SCAD's concern for village environments and eco systems has always been an integral part of its programme

Tree PlantingTree Planting

Making India green and making futures bright

Animal HusbandryAnimal Husbandry

Providing ‘walking banks’

Skills TrainingSkills Training

Giving people the skills they need to develop

Alternative EmploymentAlternative Employment

A helping hand to those in need

Through active participation and collective unity, thousands of people who were previously not empowered are standing up for themselves, insisting on their human rights and making opportunities for themselves, their communities and for the next generation to live a more comfortable and prosperous future.


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